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Jody Mansfield shows off her big natural boobs for Playboy

Hot blonde babe with big natural breasts

Jody Mansfield for Playboy

Boobs in space! Ok, not really “in space” but this set does look sort of futuristic in a cheap, 1950′s sort of way. The production values may not be high but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying these pics of Jody Mansfield and her big natural breasts. This platinum blonde babe has a lot going for her besides the aforementioned┬ámilk cannons – She has a pretty face, tight body, and nice hips. Maybe she has a great personality too but who knows and who cares right? What does matter is how hot she looks in these pics so sit back and enjoy the future through the eyes of a cheesy sci-fi film maker…at least there’s boobies in it.

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