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Myriam plays with her big milky white boobs

Myriam plays with her big milky white boobs in the tub for MC-Nudes

Myriam for MC-Nudes

Myriam really has some big milky white titties on her doesn’t she? Those monsters look full and firm too with no signs of sagging either. That’s exactly how I like my big boobed women. Myriam even has a tight, albeit thick body on her too which is another added bonus since I will not suffer a fatty. A real hot babe all around. The cats over at MC-Nudes really know what us glamour nude lovers like and do a great job of accentuating Myriam’s natural beauty. Don’t forget that they are one of the few sites that do 3D photo sets so swing on over to MC-Nudes and check out that you have been missing!

Click here to see more free pics of Myriam’s healthy tits

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    Vitoria gives us a glimpse at her massive melons

    Victoria shows off her massive tits

    Victoria for AMBYA

    This set is old school but I felt like taking a trip down memory lane because I am working at the studio today. This was one of my favorite sets we did for AMBYA and Victoria is one of the hottest models on the site. Holy Jeebus her tits are massive and amazing! I think the whole minimalism style turned out really nice here and made her skin tone pop. The transparent sheet was my idea (I think), it adds a little tease factor to the whole thing and gives Victoria something to play and pose with. See, that’s important – the model always needs something to interact with, especially ones that are less experienced, otherwise they look like a deer in headlights. Words of wisdom right there son. Oh and did I mention that Victoria has huge melons? Yea, then there is that. I could talk all day about the shoot and whatnot but all you really care about is her meaty milk bags (thank my boy Biggle for that one) so without further adieu here’s Victoria….

    Click here to see more free pics of Victoria for AMBYA

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      April O’Neil plays with her big tits for Twistys

      April O'Neil plays with her big tits for Twistys

      CLICK HERE to see more FREE pics of April O'Neil for Twistys

      I used to work for AMBYA back in the day and we shot April O’Neil when she was first starting out in the biz. She’s a beautiful girl that is 5 foot tall, slender, and has huge natural tits – Granted they are only a C cup but compared to her frame and height they look so much bigger. On top of all that April O’Neil is nice as hell too. Of course, what I love most about April is her giant nose because I have a bit of a fetish for “razorbeaks” – I know, I’m weird. Anyways I digress, aside from April O’Neil’s AMBYA pics these Twistys hi-res photos are her best in my opinion. They really illustrate why April is quickly making a name for herself in the online adult industry.

      Click here to see more FREE pics of April O’Neil for Twistys

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        Kimmie has big firm boobs that defy gravity

        Kimmie from Spunky Angels has firm big natural boobs

        Kimmie for Spunky Angels

        Oh big boobs how I love thee – Especially ones attached to teen girls because they seem to defy all laws of gravity. Just gaze upon 18 year old Kimmie and her large firm tits and you will see what I mean. Look at the way they hang, so full and round, as if each one was hand crafted by Aphrodite herself (I’ve been playing too much God of War btw). The amazing thing is that Kimmie’s beautiful breasts are 100% natural which is awesome because I really dislike fake tits. That’s the beauty of youth though as her large knockers are already shaped to perfection – at least for now. Who knows what the future has in store for Kimmie’s mammaries but at least we will always have this photo set by Spunky Angels.

        Click here to see more pics of Kimmie’s perfect natural tits

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          Jenna from GodsGirls has big natural titties

          Jenna has big natural tits for GodsGirls

          Jenna for GodsGirls

          Jenna from GodsGirls has some big sloppy goth knockers. Just look at the way the left one is getting pulled down by the Earth’s gravity – I bet those bad boys weigh like 20lbs each! You know you want to suckle on them all night long. Even if you aren’t into the whole alt-porn scene you should really check out GodsGirls as they have some very busty amateur girls on there. Plus members get access to a complete social networking site with hundreds of active members and models that blog daily and post all sorts of nude candid pics. It’s truly the Facebook of sex and the future of porn – all for only $19.95 a month! At that price it’s worth checking out.

          Click here to see more pics of Jenna’s big natural tits for GodsGirls

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            Nameless teen rubs white frosting on her big natural tits

            Blonde teen rubs white frosting on her natural tits

            Big Boob

            Hi big boobed blonde teen. I’m sorry that I don’t know your name, and don’t much care either, but I sure do love looking at you rub frosting on your monster knockers. It gives me a boner so keep doing your job well and you will make it far in life.

            It must be real easy for chicks with big natural tits – especially ones that like to show them off in front of the camera. When you are a teen you can pose for “big boob teen” sites (like Big Boob Teenies) and when you get older you can pose for “big boob MILF” sites. You don’t even have to keep yourself in shape because dudes that love mega tits don’t care what your body looks like as long as your sweater meat is heavy and hanging. If only I were born as a hot babe with giant heavy tits, I would be rich by now! Instead I was born as a slightly overweight blonde dude with hairy arms which is why I have to work to make money. Then again by “work” I do mean blogging about naked chicks and on the plus side I don’t have to worry about periods and shit. Come to think of it being a broke dude rules!

            Click here to see more of this nameless blonde teen with big natural tits

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              Jennique Pain looks good cause her boobs are big

              Jennique Pain black tank top

              Jennique Pain

              Jennique Pain is hot because she has big natural boobs but would she be just as fuckable without them? No. Ok, just kidding – I would still do her hard even if she had normal sized breasts. It is nice to see her becoming more fit the longer she is in the industry. When Jennique Pain first started posing nude she was a smidge chubby (it was probably more baby fat than anything) but it seems that she is taking the whole “I pose naked for a living”. Man, just look at the way her tight stomach makes her tits look even bigger. The amazing thing about this tatted up hotty is that as she gets in shape her boobs don’t shrink at all! Wow, it’s some sort of miracle of nature – or Jeebus just really loves us.

              Click here to see more of Jennique Pain’s big natural boobs

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                Eski hides her big boobs in a cave

                Eski in "Cluster" by MetModels

                Eski in "Cluster" by MetModels

                Boy howdy Eski sure does have some beautifully shaped natural tits. They look like big Hershey Kisses with milk chocolate nipples on top. I’m also digging the Blue Lagoon theme of this photo set. How would you like to be stuck on a deserted island with nothing but Eski’s breasts to stare at all day? That wouldn’t be so bad. You would wake up in the morning, lay out on the beach, fornicate, catch some fish to eat, fornicate, play with Eski’s tits, fornicate – you see where this is going. I think the worst case scenario would be if you got rescued. Hey, if that fantasy doesn’t work for you then click on the link below and create your own. The sky’s the limit when you use your imagination. That’s “One to Grow On”.

                Click here to see more pics of Eski’s beautiful natural tits

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