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Danica shows off her firm teen boobs for Femjoy

Busty brunette babe Danica shows off her firm teen boobs for Femjoy

Danica in "Falling in Love" for Femjoy

I fucking love big firm teen tits like the ones Danica here is showing off. The fact that time and gravity haven’t had a chance to work their evil magic on her fun bags is truly a blessing. Who knows what they will look like in 20 years but for right now we can all drool over the perkiness and fullness of her beautiful rack. That’s the beauty of the internet – Danica will always be this hot for the rest of time. When she is 80 years old she can show her grandkids these pics of when she used to pose nude for Femjoy and they can all ogle her naked body and say “Wow grandma, you were hot back in the day before your boobs sagged down to your knees”. Yup, it’s the little things and the legacies we leave behind that make it all worth it…and in Danica’s case its naked pictures of herself. God bless the internet.

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    Blonde babe Aelita shows off her big natural tits for Femjoy

    Busty blonde babe Aelita shows off her big natural tits and bald pussy for Femjoy

    Aelita for Femjoy

    I’m faced with a bit of a dilemma right now. I want to talk about Aelita’s huge natural breasts and awesome body but I can’t think of anything clever or original to say. Sure I could just talk about how amazing her knockers are, how they hang perfectly and look like they weigh at least 20lbs a piece. I could also expound upon the fact that her curvy body and bald pussy compliment her gorgeous face. I could tell you that Aelita is one of the most amazing looking nude models that I have ever seen and that we, as a society, are lucky to have her posing for us. I could tell you all those things but for some reason if I can’t end a post with a joke I just don’t feel like writing it. Oh wait, you guys don’t read this anyways. I could have just said “bleep bloop blap” and everyone would just nod and agree whilst they jerk off to the pic of Aelita spreading her legs. Silly me, what was I thinking? I could have been playing video games this whole time! Stupid mental block….

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      Susann plays with her big breasts for Femjoy

      Susann in The White Queen by Femjoy

      Susann for Femjoy

      Not only is Susann a hot piece of ass with healthy breasts but for me the icing on the cake is that this photo set is titled “The White Queen”. I don’t know how many of you are comic book nerds but when I saw that the first thing I thought of was Emma Frost (an X-Men villain turned team mate who went by the name The White Queen when she was with the Hellfire Club) and I knew I had to post these pics. Even if you could care less about comics I’m sure you will agree that Susann is certainly worth drooling over and these images are really fucking hot. Enjoy!

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        A busty blonde teen showing off her big boobs for Femjoy

        Gudrun in Irresistible for Femjoy

        Gudrun for Femjoy

        I don’t know what nationality Gudrun is but she has to have one of the worst names I have ever heard. Maybe she is Eastern European or something and I am just an asshole because “Gudrun” could mean “beauty” or something but here in America it’s not the most flattering name a chick could have (It sounds like something from Star Wars). But all that is rendered moot once you see how hot Gudrun is. Her breasts are spectacular – Big and perfectly shaped! One looks to be slightly bigger than the other one but who the fuck cares? Her bald pussy more than makes up for it. With a body like that I don’t care if her name is “Stinky Von Fartbottom”, I’d still fuck the hell out of her!

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